NID Card Reissue Online | মাত্র ২ দিনে হারানো আইডি কার্ড ডাউনলোড করুন

NID Card Reissue Online | মাত্র ২ দিনে হারানো আইডি কার্ড ডাউনলোড করুন

NID Card Reissue Online The lost voter ID card can be re-downloaded very easily by applying NID reissue online. Re-download your lost or damaged National Identity Card by paying the NID Reissue Fee (where applicable).

No need to worry if NID Card is lost, damaged or stolen. Voters of 2019 or later can download the complete free ID card online anytime. But those who are previous voters will get NID within 2 days to 5 days if they apply for NID reissue properly. NID Card Reissue Online


সিম কার নামে নিবন্ধন চেক করুন

জাতীয় পরিচয় পত্র অনুসন্ধান

ভোটার তথ্য দেখুন

A General Diary (GD) should be entered in the police station before applying for re-issue to download the lost NID card. Where and how you lost your ID card should be mentioned in the GD. You don’t have to think about writing GD. GD writing sample for lost ID card can be found here. NID Card Reissue Online

হারানো ভোটার আইডি কার্ড ডাউনলোড করার নিয়ম

To download lost voter ID card visit Register account by filling NID number, date of birth and security captcha. Go to the Reissue menu from the dashboard. Apply with reissue type, GD number, reissue fee and required information. Once the application is approved, download the lost ID card from the download menu. NID Card Reissue Online

services nidw gov bd The rules for filling up the application form for account registration and lost ID card withdrawal will be shown step by step in detail. Rules for writing GD at police station for lost ID card and a sample GD Copy will be given. NID Card Reissue Online

ভোটার কার্ড হারিয়ে গেলে করণীয়

If the NID Card is lost, the first thing that should be done is to write a general diary in the police station of the area where the ID card is lost. Where, how and when the National Identity Card was lost should be mentioned in the GD. In case of stolen NID card also GD should be filed at the police station. NID Card Reissue Online

Take 2 photocopies of the GD form while doing GD in case of lost voter ID. One copy of the submitted GD will be kept at the police station and the other will be given to you. Some information to be collected while doing GD at police station- NID Card Reissue Online

  • General Diary (GD) Number
  • Name of Police Officer receiving GD
  • Designation of police officer
  • Date of GD
  • Seal and signature of police station on GD copy

If you want you can write National Identity Card lost GD in your own way. You can see the GD writing sample of the lost ID card or change the MS Word file given by us with your own information and submit it to the police station. NID Card Reissue Online

হারানো ভোটার আইডির জিডি লিখার নিয়ম

In case of loss of ID card, a General Diary (GD) should be filed in the police station under which the NID card is lost. GD should mention your name, age, parents name and address. NID Card Reissue Online

Lost NID card number and description of lost place should be mentioned in GD. When and when the NID card was lost should also be mentioned there. Enter your signature, date and mobile number and complete the GD entry. NID Card Reissue Online

If you don’t want to bother writing GD by yourself, download Lost NID GD format below and open it with ms office word and change the blank text according to your needs and print it. NID Card Reissue Online

GD format of lost ID card

Assuming you have done GD in police station and collected a copy of the same. Now scan this GD copy and save it in png or pdf format. Note that the file size should not exceed 100KB. NID Card Reissue Online

Necessary preparations are done to apply for re-download of lost ID card. Now let’s follow step by step procedure to apply nid card reissue. NID Card Reissue Online

NID card reissue online

To reissue NID card online, create account at ID card reissuance has been divided into several steps to make it easier. NID Card Reissue Online

  • NID Account Registration
    • Visit the website
    • NID number and date of birth
    • Address verification
    • Mobile number verification
    • Face Verification
  • Fill the reissue form
  • Payment of Reissue Fee
  • Upload documents

Registration at for reissuance of National Identity Card is a long process. It takes only 2 minutes to apply for NID card reissue after entering the NID site. NID Card Reissue Online

NID একাউন্ট রেজিস্ট্রেশন

To get any service related to national identity card, account registration is required first. Enter the user profile after passing some ID card information and some verification process. NID Card Reissue Online

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to access your NID profile. Register your NID account by following the steps. NID Card Reissue Online

NID Service ওয়েবসাই ভিজিট করুন

To access Bangladesh NID Application System visit this link< Click on a i=2>” button. NID Card Reissue Online

Bangladesh NID Application System

After clicking register you will be taken to another page. If you already have an account, you can login with username and password.

ভোটার তথ্য প্রদান করুন

You will see the input form for registering an account on the NID website. There will be blank spaces for inputting National Identity Card Number / Form Number, Date of Birth and Captcha.

17-digit or 10-digit smart card number should be placed in the National Identity Card number box. Then enter the day, month and year of birth respectively in the Date of Birth box.

Type the text shown in the image in the security captcha field. This code will be different every time and for everyone. The security code is case sensitive, so type carefully with lowercase and uppercase letters.

Account register

আইডি কার্ডের ঠিকানা যাচাই

Now you have to select the address given on your voter ID card. Current and permanent address given at the time of voter must be verified.

To select the address, select Division, District and Upazila from the dropdown menu. If current and permanent address are same then select same address instead of both address. And if present and permanent address are different, enter separate addresses.

Current and permanent address verification

মোবাইল নাম্বার ভেরিফিকেশন

At this stage you will verify your mobile number. You will see some part of the mobile number that you have given while becoming a voter. If the mobile number is active, press the send message button. Then a 6 digit OTP code will be sent to your mobile.

Once the OTP code is activated, enter it in the verification field and submit it. If the code does not come for any reason, you can resend a new code after 60 seconds. Sometimes due to server or mobile network problem the OTP code does not come.

Mobile number verification

And if you do not recognize the displayed mobile number or the number is not active, then you can add a new number by clicking on the mobile change button to add a new active number.

ফেস ভেরিফিকেশন করতে NID Wallet

Face verification must be done so that no one else can register the account except the person whose ID card is there. It is a security system. Download NID Wallet app from play store on your smart phone to do face verification.

By following the steps shown above correctly, now you will see the QR code on the NID website. Now scan the QR code with NID Wallet app downloaded on mobile.

The mobile camera will be activated for face verification. The ID card holder will hold the mobile in front of his face. Then turn your head once to the right and once to the left to complete the verification.

ভোটার আইডি কার্ড রিইস্যু আবেদন

For ID card reissue application tap on reissue menu from dashboard. This whole process has to be done continuously. By following the above steps you can reach the user profile / dashboard.

Voter ID Reissue Application

রিইস্যু ফরম পূরণ

Click on edit button to fill voter ID reissue form. Then you will see the NID Reissue form as shown below.

NID Card Reissue Online | মাত্র ২ দিনে হারানো আইডি কার্ড ডাউনলোড করুন
NID Card Reissue Online | মাত্র ২ দিনে হারানো আইডি কার্ড ডাউনলোড করুন

We have already issued a GD for the lost ID card and kept a copy of the GD with us. The GD copy contains the GD number, the name of the police station, the name and designation of the police officer who received the GD.

Now fill the NID reissue form with GD number, police station and required information as per our GD copy. Finally enter GD submission date and click next button.

NID Reissue fee payment

A prescribed government fee has to be paid for reissuing NID card. First time reissue fee 230 taka. NID reissue fee can be paid in several ways including BKash, Rocket, Cash Mobile Banking.

Bikash is available to everyone and payment of ID card fee through Bikash is very easy. Check how to make NID Reissue fee payment through Bkash.

ID card reissue fee

ডকুমেন্টস আপলোড করুন

I was asked to scan a photocopy of the GD I made regarding lost ID card. Even if you don’t scan, you can take pictures with a good mobile phone. Care should be taken in this case so that the image is clear and not cropped anywhere.

Save the GD copy in PDF or PNG, JPEG format to mobile or computer. But the file size should not exceed 100 kilobytes (100 KB). If the file size is large, it should be compressed and reduced.

GD copy upload

Once the document is uploaded, a summary of your NID Card Reissue application will be displayed. The summary will show information about the type of reissue and uploaded documents.

Once the application is submitted it will go to pending approval. The responsible officer will verify and approve this application. Generally, this application is approved within 2 to 7 days.

হারানো আইডি কার্ড ডাউনলোড করুন

If the lost ID card reissue application is approved, it will be notified by message from the mobile number 105. The message will say your latest reissue application has been approved. Download ID card from Upazila election office or online system.

To download the National Identity Card, access the account dashboard. Following the rules shown earlier should get you this far. Now enter the home menu. You can now see your photo and some information about your identity card along with a download button at the bottom of this page.

Click on download button to download NID Card. Then PDF of national identity card will be downloaded on your mobile or computer.

  NID Card Reissue Online | মাত্র ২ দিনে হারানো আইডি কার্ড ডাউনলোড করুন
NID Card Download

Once the Voter ID Card is downloaded, it will be printed and laminated to become the original National Identity Card. There is no difference between NID Card downloaded from this online and NID Card provided by Election Commission.

NIDBD Website NID Service
Online copy download
Reissue fee NOT Fees

আইডি কার্ড রিইস্যু ফি কত?

A fee of Tk 230 is required to reissue the ID card on regular delivery for the first time. And 345 rupees government fee has to be paid to reissue in urgent delivery.

একাউন্টের username এবং password ভুলে গেলে করনীয় কি?

If you forget your account password, you can access the account by following the account registration process. If necessary, you can set a new username and password.

NID Reissue হতে কত দিন লাগে?

If NID Reissue is applied properly, it takes 2 to 7 days for approval. However, there may be some delay due to work load and election period.

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