Nid Card Online Copy

Nid Card Online Copy Download

After becoming a new voter, instead of waiting for NID Card distribution from the Election Commission, download nid card online copy and start using it. Old voters can download voter id card online copy by applying nid reissue.

Applying for a new ID card, there is no need to wait for the voter ID card to be issued. First check ID card online to know if the ID card is online. Moreover, once the ID card is ready, the SMS will be sent to the mobile.

Whether it is informed by SMS from Election Commission number 105 or you check the ID card yourself, you can download NID online copy if the ID card is online. And it can be used to do any job of national identity card.

Rules for downloading NID card online copy

To download NID card online copy, visit the Bangladeshi national identity card website and register the account with the form number / voter slip / ID card number and date of birth. Once the account is created, click the download button in the profile option of the dashboard and download the nid card online copy. .

Do not forget to fill security captcha while opening account with slip number or ID number. The security captcha must be typed in the box below. Finally click on the submit button and the NID account will start opening.

National ID number and date of birth will be required to get the ID card online. On the other hand, for those who have become new voters, registration slip number ie form number and birth registration will be required.

Rules for extracting online copy of NID card

There is no difference between Online Copy of NID Card and Lamenting Voter ID Card issued by Election Commission. Those who are too late to give NID card from EC (Election commission) can download NID card online copy by following rules-

  1. Visit the website
  2. Check slip number/ national identity card number and date of birth
  3. Save current and permanent address
  4. Verify mobile number
  5. Face verification with NID wallet
  6. Download online copy from NID profile

Although 6 steps are shown here it will not take you even 5 minutes to do them. Let’s see how to download NID copy from online.

National Identity Card Online Copy Download pdf

Enter ID card number and date of birth to register account by visiting NID Service website. Then after address, mobile number and face verification download nid card online copy from profile.

Account register

For account registration in Bangladesh NID Application System this link visit Enter either Form Number or NID Number and Date of Birth. Now fill the security captcha and hit submit button.

Account register

You can refer our previously published article NID Card Download online to know the detailed rules for registering an account to download the National Identity Card.

Address verification

Your current and permanent address given while applying for ID card should now be correctly selected. Usually the address given in the birth registration certificate is the ID card.

If you forget the address you provided while registering or applying for National Identity Card, you can use the address given on your birth certificate.

Current and permanent address verification

Mobile Number Verification (OTP)

Before downloading nid card online copy you need to verify your mobile number. New Voter Registration You will see the first and last few digits of the phone number you provided.

If this number is active with you then click send message button to verify Mobin number. And if for some reason the phone number is lost or deleted then you can change the mobile number.

After clicking send message, 6 digit OTP code will be sent to your phone. Now enter that code to verify and hit submit button.

Face Verification (NID Wallet)

Download NID Wallet app from play store for face verification. Scan the QR code displayed on the website with NID Wallet.

Once the QR code is scanned, the camera will be activated to perform face recognition of the person. Face verification will be done by placing the ID card person in front of the camera and turning it left and right.

For details about NID Wallet and Face Scan What is NID Wallet and its usage rules.

NID card online copy download PDF

After completing the registration you will be taken to your NID account dashboard. Now you will see ID card number, your name, picture and parents name on your profile page.

If you click on the button written Download at the bottom of this dashboard, your NID card online copy download will be downloaded as a PDF file.

You can use the online copy of voter ID card for any government and private purpose like original NID Card after printing it from any computer or print shop.

correct ID card correction
Old ID Card Download NID Card Re-Issue


NID card online copy can be used?

NID online copy NID card online copy can be used for SIM card registration, bank account opening, corona vaccination registration, passport, driving license in all cases where national identity card is required. There is no difference between NID card distributed from election copy and NID online copy downloaded from internet.

NID card online copy and smart card same?

Smart NID Card is an ID card made of plastic with a microchip. And the online copy is the normal voter ID card printed on paper. However, currently NID card online copy and smart card number are same.

What is the reason for not downloading the online copy?

There may be several reasons for online copy not being downloaded, those who have voted long ago and have been issued ID cards by the Election Commission cannot download their ID cards online.


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