Dhaka University Admission

Dhaka University Admission Circular 2024

Dhaka University Admission is a highly competitive process in Bangladesh. Aspiring students need to meet the eligibility criteria and successfully pass the entrance exam to secure a seat in the university.

Welcome to the world of higher education at Dhaka University, Bangladesh’s top-ranking and prestigious institution. The university’s admission process is known for its intense competition and stringent criteria. Students must navigate through various stages, including meeting the eligibility requirements and performing well in the entrance exams, to secure admission.

As one of the oldest and most esteemed universities in the country, Dhaka University offers a wide range of academic disciplines and opportunities for personal and professional growth. We will explore the admission process, eligibility criteria, and key points to keep in mind when applying to Dhaka University.

Dhaka University Admission Circular 2024

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Dhaka University Admission Circular 2024

Dhaka University Admission Circular 2024 is now available for students seeking admission to Dhaka University. The circular provides essential information, such as application requirements and important dates, enabling interested candidates to apply successfully.

Explore the Dhaka University Admission Circular 2024 and find out all the essential information you need to know about getting admitted to this prestigious institution. Read on to discover the eligibility criteria, admission process, and important dates for the upcoming academic year.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Students who have completed their HSC or equivalent examination with the required GPA are eligible to apply.
  • Applicants must have a minimum GPA in SSC and HSC examinations as specified by the university.
  • The admission requirements vary depending on the faculties and departments.

Admission Process:

  • Applicants need to collect the admission form online from the official website of Dhaka University.
  • The application submission can also be done online by filling out the form with accurate information and uploading necessary documents.
  • A processing fee must be paid, and the payment procedure will be provided on the website.
  • After the submission of the application, candidates need to collect the admit card within the specified timeline.
  • The admission test will be conducted on the scheduled date, and applicants must bring the admit card and required documents to the exam center.
  • The admission test usually consists of written exams, multiple-choice questions, and viva voce tests depending on the department.
  • The merit list will be published on the university website, and selected candidates will be notified individually.

Important Dates:

  • Application Form Availability: The application forms will be available on the official website from [start date] to [end date].
  • Application Submission Deadline: All applications should be submitted online by [deadline date].
  • Admit Card Collection Period: Admit cards can be collected from [start date] to [end date].
  • Admission Test Date: The admission test will be held on [test date].
  • Result Announcement: The merit list will be published on [result announcement date].

Ensure you stay updated with the official Dhaka University website for changes in dates and any additional requirements.

Aspiring students should closely follow the Dhaka University Admission Circular 2024 to fulfill all the necessary requirements for successful application and admission. Stay tuned to the official website for updates and further instructions. Best of luck in your journey to be a part of this esteemed university!

Du Admission 2023-2024

Dhaka University Admission for the year 2023-2024 is now open. Apply now to pursue your higher studies in one of the leading universities in Bangladesh.

Dhaka University Admission 2023-2024

Are you a student aspiring to get admitted to Dhaka University in the 2023-2024 academic year? Look no further, as this blog post aims to give you all the essential information you need to know about the DU admission process.

From important dates to eligibility criteria and application procedures, let’s dive right in!

Important Dates:

  • Online application start date: [date]
  • Online application end date: [date]
  • Publication of admission test seat plan: [date]
  • Admission test date: [date]
  • Release of admission test result: [date]

Eligibility Criteria:

To be eligible for admission to Dhaka University, candidates must meet the following requirements:

  • For undergraduate programs: Completion of higher secondary education (HSC) or equivalent with a minimum GPA of [minimum GPA].
  • For honors programs: Completion of a bachelor’s degree with a minimum GPA of [minimum GPA].
  • Specific departments may have additional requirements such as subject-wise GPA, admission test scores, or interviews.

Application Procedure:

To apply for Dhaka University admission, follow these steps:

  • Visit the official DU admission website.
  • Complete the online application form with accurate personal and academic information.
  • Upload scanned copies of required documents, including academic transcripts, certificates, and photographs.
  • Pay the application fee through the designated payment method.
  • Review and submit your application.

Admission Test:

For the 2023-2024 academic year, Dhaka University will conduct admission tests for various programs. Here are some important details:

  • Test Format: The admission test format varies for each program, including multiple-choice questions, written exams, or viva voce.
  • Test Syllabus: The syllabus for the admission test will be available on the official website. It is important to prepare thoroughly according to the prescribed syllabus.
  • Seat Plan: The admission test seat plan will be published on the website prior to the test date.

Result And Merit List:

The Dhaka University admission test result will be published on the official website. Following the release of the result, the university will announce the merit list. Merit will be based on the candidates’ admission test scores and academic achievements.

Counseling And Seat Allocation:

Shortlisted candidates based on the merit list will be called for counseling and seat allocation. During the counseling session, candidates will have the opportunity to select their desired departments according to availability and their preference.

Securing admission to Dhaka University is a competitive process, and it requires thorough preparation and adherence to the guidelines and important dates provided by the university. Stay tuned to the official website for any updates or changes in the admission process.

Good luck with your future endeavors!

Admission Eligibility

The eligibility criteria for admission to Dhaka University are based on academic performance and entrance exams. Students must meet certain requirements and achieve specific grades to be considered for admission. The university carefully reviews these factors to ensure a qualified and diverse student body.

Dhaka University is one of the most prestigious universities in Bangladesh, offering a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs. If you are considering applying for admission to this esteemed institution, it’s important to understand the eligibility criteria. The admission eligibility requirements for Dhaka University are as follows:

  • Academic Qualification:
  • Candidates must have completed their secondary schooling (12 years of study) and passed the Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) examination or its equivalent with satisfactory grades.
  • For science-based programs, candidates must have studied Physics, Chemistry, and Biology or Mathematics in their HSC examination.
  • For arts and humanities programs, candidates must have studied relevant subjects such as Bangla, English, History, Economics, etc., in their HSC examination.
  • Minimum GPA:
  • Candidates must achieve a minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) in their HSC examination, which varies based on the program they are applying to.
  • The minimum GPA requirement for different faculties is usually competitive and may change from year to year. It’s advisable to check the university’s official website or admission prospectus for the latest requirements.
  • Admission Test:
  • Dhaka University conducts admission tests for most of its undergraduate programs.
  • Candidates need to appear for and perform well in the admission test specific to the program they are applying for. The admission test evaluates a candidate’s knowledge, aptitude, and relevant skills.
  • Quota Facilities:
  • Dhaka University provides quota facilities for certain categories, such as freedom fighters’ children, ethnic minorities, tribal candidates, etc. Eligible candidates belonging to these categories can avail the quota benefits during the admission process.
  • Citizenship and Age:
  • Only Bangladeshi citizens are eligible for admission to Dhaka University.
  • Candidates must fulfill age requirements as specified by the university. The age limit may vary for different programs.

When considering Dhaka University for your higher education, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the admission eligibility criteria to ensure you meet the necessary requirements. Make sure to check the university’s official website or admission prospectus for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding admission eligibility.

Good luck with your application!

Dhaka University Admission Form Fill-up

The Dhaka University admission form fill-up process provides prospective students with the opportunity to apply for admission to this prestigious institution in Bangladesh. This important step allows aspiring students to submit their information and academic credentials for consideration in the admission process.

Are you ready to take the first step towards your academic journey at Dhaka University? The admission form fill-up process is a crucial aspect that you need to be well-prepared for. In this section, we will guide you through the steps and requirements to complete the Dhaka University admission form fill-up seamlessly.

Admission Form Fill-up: Step-by-step Guide

To ensure a smooth admission process, follow these steps to fill up your Dhaka University admission form:

  • Visit the official website: Head over to the Dhaka University official website (www.du.ac.bd) to access the admission form.
  • Register or login: If you’re a first-time applicant, you need to create an account using your personal information. For returning applicants, simply log in with your credentials.
  • Fill in personal details: Provide accurate personal information including your name, date of birth, contact details, and mailing address.
  • Select desired program: Choose the program you wish to apply for and indicate your preference for a specific faculty or department if applicable.
  • Enter academic qualifications: Provide information about your educational background, including your SSC and HSC exam details. Make sure to double-check the accuracy of your grades and subjects.
  • Upload necessary documents: Prepare scanned copies of your academic certificates, national ID card, and a recent passport-sized photograph in the prescribed format. Upload these files to the admission portal.
  • Pay application fee: Proceed to the payment section and pay the required application fee through the available payment methods. Remember to keep a copy of the transaction receipt for future reference.
  • Review and submit: Before submitting your application, carefully review all the information you have provided. Verify the accuracy of each detail to avoid any discrepancies.
  • Print admit card: After successful submission, download and print your admit card from the admission portal. The admit card is a crucial document for the admission test, so make sure to keep it safe.
  • Prepare for the admission test: While waiting for the test date, utilize this time to prepare for the admission test. Familiarize yourself with the syllabus, practice previous years’ question papers, and seek guidance if needed.

Remember, the Dhaka University admission form fill-up requires careful attention to detail. Take your time and ensure that all the information provided is accurate. Best of luck with your application process!

Please note that the above information is subject to change. It is always advisable to visit the official Dhaka University website for the most up-to-date instructions regarding the admission form fill-up process.

Payment Instruction

Learn how to make payment for Dhaka University admission by following the given instructions. Easily understand the process to ensure a smooth transaction and secure your admission in the prestigious university.

To successfully complete the Dhaka University admission process, it is important to follow the payment instructions provided. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to make your payment:

  • Online Payment:
  • Visit the official Dhaka University admission website.
  • Log in to your account using the credentials provided during registration.
  • Navigate to the payment section and select the online payment option.
  • Choose your preferred payment method, such as credit card, debit card, or mobile banking.
  • Enter the required payment details and confirm the transaction.
  • Make sure to take note of the payment reference number for future reference.
  • Bank Payment:
  • Visit any designated bank branch as specified by Dhaka University.
  • Collect the admission payment form from the bank counter or download it from the university’s website.
  • Fill in the necessary details in the form accurately.
  • Submit the completed form along with the required payment amount to the bank official.
  • Collect the payment receipt and keep it safe for future reference.
  • Mobile Financial Services (MFS):
  • Access your mobile financial services account, whether it is bKash, Rocket, or another provider.
  • Navigate to the “Bill Pay” or similar section.
  • Select the option for Dhaka University admission payment.
  • Enter the required information accurately, such as the admission roll number and payment amount.
  • Confirm the transaction and keep a record of the payment reference number.
  • Avoiding Fraudulent Activities:
  • Always make payments through the official channels provided by Dhaka University.
  • Do not share your payment details or personal information with anyone else.
  • Verify the authenticity of any payment requests received via email or phone before proceeding.
  • Keep all payment receipts and confirmation records as evidence of your transaction.

Remember, timely payment of the admission fee is crucial for securing your seat at Dhaka University. Be sure to follow the payment instructions carefully and make your payment within the specified deadline.

Du Admit Card 2024 Download

Download the DU Admit Card 2024 for Dhaka University Admission. Gain access to your admission ticket and prepare for the upcoming examinations.

Dhaka University Admission

Dhaka University, one of the most prestigious educational institutions in Bangladesh, offers an array of undergraduate programs that attract numerous aspiring students. With its highly competitive admission process, it is crucial for applicants to stay informed about the admission procedures.

One vital aspect of the process is downloading the DU Admit Card for the year 2024. In this section, we will explore how to obtain the DU Admit Card efficiently and ensure a smooth admission experience.

Understanding The Du Admit Card

The DU Admit Card serves as an essential document that enables applicants to sit for the admission test. It holds significant importance due to the following factors:

  • Identification: The admit card verifies the identity of the candidate, ensuring transparency and authenticity during the admission process.
  • Test Venue and Schedule: It provides crucial information regarding the designated test center, date, and time of the admission test. This allows candidates to plan their logistics accordingly.
  • Admittance to the Admission Test: Without the admit card, candidates will not be permitted to participate in the examination. Thus, it is essential to download and possess a printed copy of the admit card.

Steps To Download The Du Admit Card 2024

Obtaining the DU Admit Card is a straightforward process. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Visit the Official Website: Access the official website of Dhaka University admissions for the year 2024.
  • Navigate to the Admission Section: Look for the section specifically dedicated to admissions.
  • Provide Required Information: Enter the necessary details, such as the application ID, password, or any other relevant credentials, as specified on the website.
  • Submit the Information: Once all the required details are entered accurately, click on the “Submit” button.
  • Download and Print the Admit Card: After successful submission, the DU Admit Card will be displayed on the screen. Download the PDF file and ensure to take a printout of it.

It is crucial to carefully review all the information mentioned on the admit card, including personal details, test center, and timings, to avoid any discrepancies or confusion on the day of the admission test. In case of any errors or discrepancies, promptly contact the relevant authorities for necessary corrections.

Remember to retain the admit card safely until the completion of the admission process, as it may be required for further procedures, such as counseling sessions or document verification.

By following these steps, aspiring students can effortlessly download their DU Admit Card for the year 2024 and proceed with their admission journey. Ensure to stay updated with the official website for any notifications or announcements regarding the admission process.

Note: The DU Admit Card for 2024 will be available for download within a specific timeframe, so make sure to stay aware of the designated dates as mentioned on the official website.

Mark Distribution And Question Pattern

Dhaka University Admission’s mark distribution and question pattern are designed to assess the knowledge and skills of prospective students. By understanding the exam structure, candidates can better prepare themselves for a successful application.

Dhaka University, being one of the most prestigious educational institutions in Bangladesh, follows a well-defined mark distribution and question pattern for its admission process.

The mark distribution and question pattern for the Dhaka University admission test vary depending on the faculty and subject. Let’s take a closer look at the mark distribution and question pattern for different faculties at Dhaka University:

Faculty Of Science

  • Mathematics:
  • Algebra: Covers various topics such as equations, polynomials, and sequences.
  • Geometry: Focuses on topics like lines, angles, triangles, circles, and coordinate geometry.
  • Probability and Statistics: Includes probability concepts, random variables, and statistical measures.
  • Physics:
  • Mechanics: Covers topics such as motion, forces, equilibrium, and energy.
  • Thermodynamics: Focuses on concepts related to heat, energy transfer, and properties of matter.
  • Optics: Includes topics like reflection, refraction, lenses, and mirrors.
  • Chemistry:
  • Inorganic Chemistry: Covers topics like periodic table, chemical reactions, and chemical bonding.
  • Organic Chemistry: Focuses on concepts related to hydrocarbons, functional groups, and reactions.
  • Physical Chemistry: Includes topics like thermodynamics, kinetics, and equilibrium.

Faculty Of Arts

  • Bangla Language and Literature:
  • Poetry: Involves analyzing and interpreting various poems from different eras.
  • Prose: Covers the analysis of prose pieces from renowned authors.
  • Grammar and Language: Focuses on language structure, grammar rules, and composition.
  • English Language and Literature:
  • Reading Comprehension: Involves understanding and interpreting passages from English literature.
  • Language and Grammar: Focuses on grammar rules, vocabulary, and sentence structure.
  • Literary Analysis: Includes analyzing and interpreting works of famous authors.
  • History:
  • Ancient History: Covers civilizations, empires, and major historical events from ancient times.
  • Modern History: Focuses on the history of the modern era, including revolutions and world wars.
  • Bangladeshi History: Includes the history of Bangladesh, starting from the pre-independence period to the present day.

Faculty Of Business Studies

  • Accounting:
  • Financial Accounting: Covers concepts related to financial statements, transactions, and analysis.
  • Cost Accounting: Focuses on cost management, budgeting, and cost analysis.
  • Auditing: Includes topics like internal control, audit procedures, and audit reports.
  • Management Studies:
  • Principles of Management: Covers fundamental principles and theories of management.
  • Organizational Behavior: Focuses on understanding individual and group behavior within organizations.
  • Human Resource Management: Includes topics like recruitment, training, and performance management.

This is just a brief overview of the mark distribution and question pattern for the Dhaka University admission test. Remember, the specific topics and weightage may vary for different years and subjects. It is advisable to thoroughly study the syllabus and past question papers to prepare effectively for the admission test.

Good luck with your preparations!

Subject Wise Mark Distribution

Dhaka University Admission’s subject-wise mark distribution provides a comprehensive breakdown for students, allowing them to understand the weightage of marks in each subject. This information is essential for applicants to plan their preparation strategies effectively.

Dhaka University is one of the most esteemed educational institutions in Bangladesh, and securing admission here is a dream come true for many students. Understanding the subject-wise mark distribution is crucial for those aspiring to join the university. In this section, we will break down the mark distribution for each subject to provide clarity and guidance.


  • Mathematics: 40 marks: Mathematics plays a significant role in the admission process for the science stream. The questions will cover a range of topics, including calculus, algebra, and geometry.
  • Physics: 25 marks: Aspiring physicists will be tested on their knowledge of fundamental concepts such as mechanics, electromagnetism, and optics.
  • Chemistry: 25 marks: This section will gauge candidates’ understanding of the periodic table, chemical reactions, and organic chemistry principles.


  • Bangla: 40 marks: Proficiency in the Bengali language is vital for humanities students. This section will test their reading, writing, and comprehension skills.
  • English: 40 marks: A strong grasp of the English language is necessary for success in this section. Candidates will be evaluated on their comprehension, grammar, and writing skills.

Business Studies

  • Accounting: 25 marks: Aspiring business students will need to exhibit their understanding of financial accounting principles, including calculating profit and loss, journal entries, and trial balance.
  • Economics: 25 marks: This section will cover concepts such as supply and demand, fiscal policy, GDP, and inflation, testing students’ understanding of economic principles.


  • Islamic Studies: 40 marks: This subject focuses on Islamic culture, history, and values. Students will be assessed on their knowledge of the Quran, Hadith, and Islamic ethics.
  • General Knowledge: 40 marks: This section spans various topics including current affairs, world history, geography, and general science.

Keep in mind that Dhaka University has specific mark distributions for each subject. As an aspiring student, it is crucial to be well-versed in the mark distribution to plan your preparation effectively. By allocating time and resources appropriately to each subject, you can improve your chances of success in the admission test.

Du Seat Plan 2024

DU Seat Plan 2024 for Dhaka University Admissions is now available. Check the seat plan and get ready for the entrance exam at one of Bangladesh’s premier educational institutions.

Dhaka University Admission:

Dhaka University, one of the prestigious universities in Bangladesh, conducts a rigorous admission process to select the best candidates for its undergraduate programs. Aspiring students must be well-prepared to tackle the competitive admission tests. One crucial aspect of the admission process is knowing the DU seat plan for 2024.

The seat plan provides students with essential details about their exam date, time, and venue. Here’s what you need to know about the DU seat plan for 2024:

Understanding The Du Seat Plan:

  • The DU seat plan is essential for candidates appearing for the admission tests, as it specifies the details of the examination venue, date, and time.
  • The seat plan is usually published on the official website of Dhaka University. Students are advised to regularly check the website for updates regarding the seat plan.
  • The seat plan is categorized according to the respective faculties and departments for which the students have applied. This categorization ensures a systematic and organized examination process.
  • Each department or faculty may have different session timings, so it is crucial for students to refer to the seat plan to know the exact time of their examination.
  • It is important to note that the seat plan is subject to change, so students should stay updated with any notifications or announcements from the university.

How To Access The Du Seat Plan:

  • The DU seat plan for 2024 can be accessed through the official website of Dhaka University.
  • Candidates can visit the university’s website and navigate to the admission section or the specific department or faculty page for the desired seat plan.
  • The seat plan will be provided in a downloadable PDF format. Students can easily save it or take a printout for future reference.
  • It is advisable to carefully read the instructions mentioned in the seat plan to avoid any confusion on the examination day.

Key Points To Remember:

  • Candidates should arrive at the examination venue at least 30 minutes before the scheduled time to avoid any last-minute rush or confusion.
  • Students must bring their admit card along with valid identification proof to enter the examination hall.
  • It is crucial to follow the rules and regulations mentioned in the seat plan and strictly comply with the instructions provided by the examination authorities.
  • Candidates should be well-prepared with all the necessary stationery items and avoid carrying any prohibited materials inside the examination hall.

Knowing the DU seat plan for the admission tests is crucial for all applicants. By familiarizing themselves with the seat plan, students can ensure a smooth and hassle-free examination experience. Stay updated with the official Dhaka University website for any changes or modifications to the seat plan.

Good luck!

Du Admission Test Result 2024

The DU Admission Test Result for the year 2024 is a crucial announcement for prospective students of Dhaka University. Stay tuned for the latest updates on the outcome of the admission test and secure your position in one of the most prestigious universities in Bangladesh.

After months of anticipation and rigorous preparation, the students who appeared for the Dhaka University admission test in 2024 are eagerly waiting for the announcement of the results. The DU admission test is considered one of the most competitive and prestigious entry exams in Bangladesh, and the outcome of this exam determines the future academic journey of thousands of aspiring students.

In this section, we will delve into the details of the DU admission test result for 2024.

What To Expect From Du Admission Test Result 2024:

  • Comprehensive Merit List: The Dhaka University will publish a comprehensive merit list that includes the names of the successful candidates who have cleared the admission test. This list serves as an official documentation of the candidates who have qualified for further admission processes.
  • Individual Score Reports: Along with the merit list, students will be provided with their individual score reports. These reports will contain detailed information about their performance in the various sections of the admission test, helping them in assessing their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Cut-off Marks: The admission process at Dhaka University is highly competitive, and the university determines certain cut-off marks for each academic program. These cut-off marks are the minimum scores required by candidates to secure a seat in their desired program. The announcement of the cut-off marks will give a clearer picture to the candidates about their chances of getting admitted to their preferred departments.
  • Waiting List: In addition to the merit list, Dhaka University may also release a waiting list comprising of candidates who have achieved a commendable score but did not secure a place in the initial merit list due to limited seats. Being on the waiting list offers a glimmer of hope to these students, as they may get a chance to secure admission if any seats become available.
  • Counseling and Admission Process: The DU admission test result marks the beginning of the counseling and admission process. Selected candidates will be invited for counseling sessions where they can discuss their preferences and seek guidance regarding their program choices. The counseling process plays a vital role in helping students make informed decisions about their academic future.
  • Important Dates and Notifications: Alongside the result announcement, Dhaka University will also provide candidates with important dates and notifications regarding further admission procedures. It is crucial for applicants to stay updated with these announcements to ensure they don’t miss any deadlines or crucial steps.

The DU admission test result 2024 is not just an outcome, but a gateway to opportunities for countless students. It marks the beginning of a new chapter in their academic journey and brings them a step closer to their dreams.

As these aspiring students eagerly await the release of the results, the anticipation and excitement fill the air, setting the stage for their future endeavors.

Dhaka University Admission Circular 2024

Credit: xiclassadmission.com.bd


To summarize, securing admission to Dhaka University is a highly competitive yet rewarding journey for aspiring students. With its esteemed reputation and quality education, the university offers a wide range of academic opportunities. By following the admission process diligently and preparing adequately, prospective students can increase their chances of success.

Dhaka University opens doors to countless possibilities and promises a bright future for those who are fortunate enough to be accepted.


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